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Patiala are taking the fashion world by storm nowadays. Their stunning silhouette has swept away hearts of many women. Loose fitting, comfortable yet fashionable is their eye catching part. Their one fleeting look is sufficient to imprison your attention. Basically it is a dress from Punjab but its enticing appeal gradually has made an impact in other parts of India as well.

Many women have adopted this self-effacing outfit as it is just the right mix of traditional as well as stylish look. or Patiala Suit has a special historical background. There is a legend behind the name. Patiala is a place in Punjab in North India. In olden times, the Maharajas (King) of Patiala were very famous.

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Patiala Fashion

Their dress was a pleated and baggy type salwar with long loose in full sleeves. The dress emanated ethnicity, culture as well as royal comfort. In the new modern era, women copied this dress and named it Patiala Salwar kurta or Patiala Suit. Patiala has pleats on the salwar in a falling manner. This draping effect imparts an attractive look and the drape falls like a fluid. It is worn with a short and tight for balancing the ratio. Just like other salwars, patiala salwar also has drawstring waist. Fallin

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