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DESIGNS – 2010 AND FESTIVAL SEASON AND DESIGNS OF INDIANS FROM AN ANALYTICAL PERSPECTIVE OF AND BLOUSE DESIGNS CATEGORIZATION<br />ANALYSIS AND REPORT BY OLGA LEDNICHENKO<br />ABSTRACT: 2010-karva-chauth has set the stage for the festive season for north Indian Hindus and the brides of those north Indian Hindus who may or may not be Hindu, or even Indian, like me.<br />I often wondered and struggled with the elaborate and intricate, relationships between Hindu festivals and Costumes and fashions, let alone customs. I initially thought, it was perhaps due to me being born outside India, but later on i realized that in India not only are the costumes and and or Saree -blouses different and vary by religion, but also by geography and cultural clusters.<br />While i meandered through the Hindu Pantheon for many years, I noticed a pattern a design and a correlation between dress, language, geography and religion. The major axes – if you will – when it comes to lets say { and i will focus on and blouse designs, variations, motifs and patterns for now} costumes and attire – are:<br />[a] geographic variations: in blouse and AND designs and motifs:<br />[b] Language, topography and religious dimensions <br />[c] Ethnicity and architectural variations related to the geographic centroids of one set of ethnicity moving into a particular geocenter.<br />for example: in karva-chauth and diwali – as a proxy – we can see – the following variations in and blouse designs, style or draping, color choices, fabrics, and /or IN NORTH INDIA – KARVA CHAUTH is celebrated and so is DIWALI while, in south its pongal and diwali is unheard of.. other than just taking the day off, because its a national holiday… <br />KEY WORDS:<br /> BLOUSE DESIGNS, BLOUSE DESIGNS 2010, 2010 AND BLOUSE DESIGNS FROM KARVA CHAUTH, DIWLAI AND BLOUSE DESIGNS, DIWALI+FESTIVAL +-BLOUSE DESIGNS, KATRINA-KAIF-IMPACT ON BLOUSE DESIGNS, KATRINA KAIF LOOK ALIKE,<br /> <br />Having said that there are variations even within the north indian and blouse designs:



from western parts – which is dominated by BANDHEJ, BANDHAN, BANDHANI : styles : from RAJASTHAN AND FROM GUJARAT -> to : center of north indian india, such as UP, MP, etc – where the saree and saree blouse designs and forms are mostly dominated by two clusters and styles – ><br />[a] Benares – or banaras, or kashi style<br />[b] Lucknow or the awadh style -<br />If one moves to the 3rd segment of the north indian region to check out variations of saree and saree blouse designs, and correlated the colors and fabric choices of with an eye toward comparsion and contrast – between Lucknow and UP style, olga UTSAV OR olya FESTIVAL : one notices the differences betwen bengali and bengali saree blouse designs with that of benarsi and rajasthani and saree blouse <br />One might wonder if the sample data from a temporal standpoint should be festival saree and saree blouses or lehenga choli to arrive at such classification and taxonomy of saree and saree blouse designs, patterns and variations or should another metric be used ?<br />I am not sure how to address that question, but to state that the diversity of india could be hidden in modern times and fused by mobility and integration plus by the non nucleation of the indian family: system …<br />It is in festivals, hence, that the contrast is more obvious and less fusion, which makes the classification and clusterization of saree and saree blouse dimensions to be much more easy and vivid – and hence statistically significant, as clusterization and classification -would loose meaning and relevance if the number of clusters are as many as there are regions..<br />Hindu festivals are also a better gauge for the clusterization and classification of saree and saree blouse patterns designs and variations because of the following reasons:<br />[a] Hindus wear different styles and clothing in bridal season also, which very much coincides with karva chauth and diwali seasons. Indeed, starting today, ie KARVA CHAUTH 2010 -

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