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Indian Artwork: During the art ceremony, the whole

family indulges into great merriment and dancing. During this ceremony both the bride and the groom are supposed to wear just normal clothes so that they look exceptionally good during the actual wedding ceremony. The bride specially is supposed to adorn very normal clothes.

It”s not only bride and the groom who apply Artwork on their hands during the ceremony. The whole family, mainly the female members like sister, mother, cousins and friends of the bride also apply Indian Mehndi Artwork on their hands and at times feet. They also give an expression to their happiness by doing so.

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Indian Mehndi

It is mainly an occasion of ladies, where they sing traditional wedding songs and dance on its tunes. But these it is more of a cocktail party where all the gents and the ladies enjoy and party together reflecting happiness in their minds and Indian Mehndi Artwork on there hands.

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