Churidar Kurta

Churidar Kurta has become the norm of today’s Indian fashion. As always, this trendy avatar of the traditional salwar suit is most liked by the young generation. This is perhaps the reason why fashion designers as well as manufacturers, brands and companies always try to innovate and bring out newer styles of patterns and designs. (more…)

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Pyjama or Churidar Kurthas are a popular choice of outfit during Makar Sankranti. The major reason being apart from the ethnic look it exudes which is desired during such traditional Indian festivals, it also happens to be very comfortable. Since kite-fliers practically spend the whole day on the terrace flying kites, cotton Pyjamas and cotton Kurthas are appropriate. Made of lightweight cotton fabric, these prove to be extremely comfortable.


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Churidar Kurta or Pyjamas, on the other hand, are tightly fitting trousers and are often referred to as Moghul Breeches. While stitching these are cut wide at the top and they narrow down as they reach ankle. This style is preferred more because it emphasis the contours of the leg. are usually cut longer than the length of the leg and finished with buttoned cuff tightly fitted at the ankle. (more…)

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Readymade Plus Size Kurti

Kurtis or Tunics can be worn either with pencil jeans or a flowing skirt. Readymade Plus Size Kurti looks smart and gives a confident look to the lady wearing Readymade Plus Size Kurti. Size zero or ten, any lady wearing a Kurti radiates a professional aura that denotes a woman exuding confidence. Available in comfortable cotton, gorgeous georgette or chic crepe, Readymade Plus Size Kurti are perfect for week day wear or corporate events. (more…)

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Lovely Cotton Kurti

Just the kind of fusion wear that would impress the young ladies of today! All these are Kurtis only Lovely Cotton Kurti, that can be worn as a matching top with Black Trousers, Jeans or Capri Pants. Most items are ready to wear free size Lovely Cotton Kurti. The price specified is only for the Lovely Cotton Kurti and does not include the Skirt or trouser, shown in the photo graph.Modern wear dull olive green shade kurti embody the beauty of Eden garden. A heavenly touch and design drive you crazy for Lovely Cotton Kurti. Printed floral designs decorated the entire Lovely Cotton Kurti. Yoke has pretty patch along with floral embroidery. Paisley designs in resham embroidery. One of a kind cotton Lovely Cotton Kurti. SLEEVE LENGTH: 22 INCHES. DESIGNS, COLOURS AND PATTERNS ON THE ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY SLIGHTLY VARY FROM DESIGNS SHOWN IN THE IMAGE. IMAGES ARE ONLY REPRESENTATIVE. (more…)

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