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This salwar kameez is very popular nowadays and being in mostly demand by womens, this had been trimmed with glorious fashion, designs and glam sham. have been molded with beautiful artistic work like jari, sequins, motif, stone and embroidered printed patch work to provide a beautiful look. Designer Kameez: With growing popularity of the salwar kameez, fashion designers have created amazing variations in the salwar kameez. Nowadays, there are salwar kameez available with heavy embroideries made on the with zardosi, zari work and sequins. Lucknow is renowned for its famous chikankari . (more…)

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The Indian salwar kameez is probably the most popular costume among all the costumes today. The humble and traditional that began its journey in Punjab has today found a place even in the wardrobes of the most elite and fashionable ladies of the West. However, unlike the traditional ; today it comes in many different variations and style. Be it in cotton, or silk, or any other fabric the salwar kameez is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Buy gorgeous Indian salwar kameez, great traditional wears attached with beauty and glam. Today have changed their trends and had given a new look to designer salwar kameez wear, there are varieties of party wear salwar kameez, wedding wear salwar kameez, bridal wear salwar kameez, casual wear salwar kameez and designer wear salwar kameez. (more…)

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Someone in the fashion scene who wants to make it big as a Salwar Suit Designer should better have complete knowledge about all the fabrics, their nature and the embroidery methods applied. is gaining huge importance every day, since it is very quick and comfortable to wear. A also knows the occasions on which Salwar is categorized. A Salwar has rich physical skills and is able to make the perfect cuts with his hands on the scissors. Salwar has different types of leg patterns like the normal ones, the Pakistani salwars and Patiala Salwars. The Salwar Suit Designer has a brief knowledge about his customerĂ¢??s height, body stature and skin colour and would make possible recommendations. Sometimes one could make rich Salwar Kameez with minimum works. (more…)

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People have evolved a lot in the past few centuries. While life was almost the same till 200 years ago, the past two centuries have seen strong changes. Lifestyles have improved and life moves fast for the economically strong people. All these improvements show in clothing. has become the most comfortable and safe attire for the conservative women and teenage girls. Designer Salwars have become the word of the day with special emphasis on latest . Since most of the women are working and economically independent, they make it a point to enjoy life with Salwars .

Most of the women are alerted about the latest salwar by the womens magazines that they subscribe. These magazines study the latest trends in Salwars and let their customers know about it. (more…)

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For most college going girls in India today, a is not only a comfortable casual wear but a style statement. Salwar kameez that started as a daily wear has come of age and taken the fashion world by storm as a coveted party wear and wear. salwars show an unmatched range in craftsmanship and embroidered creations. Designer come in varied styles, designs and has emerged as a contemporary style statement. As an outfit, a not only rates high in terms of comfort and affordability but flatters a woman form with grace and elegance. Party wear in georgette and crepes are most loved designer wears among clothing lovers. No wonder, designer salwar have become the quintessential party wear. With designer salwar suits showing irresistible range of beautiful embellishments, (more…)

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