Pakistanis are getting current as far as their life is concerned. While the world has become a global village and internet has made every thing accessible, people try to copy Indian or Western life . Being a Muslim state, Pakistanis should be Muslim too in their ways of living. But the situation is quite opposite. Like all other societies in world, there are three sections in which the whole society is divided.

The is a traditional Indian and dress that has been around from as way back as 2800 – 1800 BC. It was mainly because Hindu culture was against wearing any cloth that was pierced with a needle to be impure that woven, pure cotton saris were worn. As these 6 yard cotton saris turned out to be rather plain, silk and other threads were used in weaving saris of exquisite designs and patterns.

Saris have differ in its extent, and were first worn wrapped about the waist, and draped over the shoulder. The same style is followed today by most Hindus where the navel is usually bare. As it was believed that the source of life and creativity was the navel, it is usually kept bare. (more…)

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The Indian is a versatile garment that suits Indian women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is increasingly catching the interest of celebrities across the globe. This is evident from the demand for designer by Hollywood actresses for red carpet occasions. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for designer saris that are easy to drape among today’s generation. They want to look traditional without the inconvenience of draping a . Hence, there is pressure on designers to come up with innovative, yet traditional saris that look great with minimum fuss. (more…)

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In Indian wedding play a very vital role. Today’s modern Indian woman likes to dress up in a traditional for her wedding ceremony. Here is some information on the latest in India.
Indian Wedding : For Bride : in

Trends in Sari
Bridal Sari

Sari, the traditional garment worn by Indian women, has been a preferred choice for the brides in India, since ages. In fact, initially, sari was the only option considered by Indian brides, in many of the regions in the country. Though the has changed with the passing time, many of the brides prefer to wear a sari on their wedding day, even today. The elegance and charm that a can bestow on a woman can hardly be provided by any other garment and this is one of the reasons why Indian brides still want to go for the attire.

What Is A Sari
Sari can be described as a rectangular piece of cloth, having more length than the width. While the width of a sari remains almost the same, its length might range from four to nine meters. The sari is draped over the waist, on top of a petticoat, with one of its end draped over the shoulder. The outfit comprises of a choli (blouse) as well, which comes a few inches below the bust line and has short sleeves and a low neck as well as back. The midriff is bared to some an extent, since there is a gap between the choli and the petticoat. (more…)

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The wedding are all the rage among celebrities from different fields. No matter how glamorous a woman is, she prefers to wear a on the biggest occasion of her life. So, what makes popular among women from India and rest of the world? Learn about the same from the following discussion. (more…)

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The Indian has its variety in adorning in this multicultural society of India. The , texture varies from south to north and east to west in India. The fashionable has retained its beauty over centuries.

The latest in saris has become a of added value to the wearer with a magnetic grace and attraction.

This attire has retained its innocence through its original form but it has evolved in tremendous variety. A more feminine dress has never been seen anywhere. This attire can cover the body from head to toe, making a woman look modest and coy. But just shift the pallu, wear it with a stylish blouse, it could give any western dress a complex. Sari is attire worn throughout the country, irrespective of the caste, creed and religion. Though each city has its own way of draping this simple length of cloth which is usually 5 ½ meters or 6 yards and at times 9 yards, the sari is to be treated as a fashion sari and not a piece of cloth. Through online shopping one can get the desired stuff within a defined framework. Also, the craze for Indian sari is well liked by people of different age groups. Indian fashion saris have always attracted young women. At times even college going girls prefer to go for these sexy fashion saris. (more…)

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