Mehndi Arabic designs  For Eid are very popular in all over the world. is one of the most commonly known types of designs Eid. It is composed of large simple floral patterns beautifying the hands and feet of women, though reflecting the skill and expertise of the artists and individuality of designs from all other traditions surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. (more…)

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Pakistan Bridal For Eid

The charm of Pakistani weddings can be seen everywhere, as the best bridal mehndi designs also exhibit the joyous mood of the wedding ceremony. The bride is keen and enthusiastic to select the most beautiful design that would grace her hands, and with the wide array of designs and patterns, it becomes easier to select the ideal . (more…)

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Eid, and Bangles

Eid, and Bangles, what connects them to Muslim women? Eid is the Muslim festival after Ramadan. Eid breaks Muslim fasting. This is a festivity that Muslims look forward to. You can compare Eid with Christmas or New Year in importance. During Eid men, women and children get dressed for the occasion; this is where and bangles connect with Eid. It is not Eid, if women are not wearing the beautifying mehndi tattoo and bangles. Eid is celebrated after Ramadan.


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Latest Sunflower For Eid

Deciding upon a good Sunflower mehndi design For Eid pattern would give a gorgeous look to your hands. Most of the times they are also selected keeping in mind the dress of the bride.If one is looking for a Latest Sunflower . (more…)

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Women are always looking for Eid Mehndi Designs for Hands in different sources like magazines and internet. They often ask their friends and relatives for the updated and Eid designs to stay ahead in the world of fashion. (more…)

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