You can also opt for couture wedding dresse for the mehndi ceremony, and there are many popular Pakistani wedding dress designers who are known to introduce trendy wedding Pakistani outfits as that suits the various ceremonies during the wedding. (more…)

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Bridal Design

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Bridal design

Henna is a dye plant used since ancient times. When it is applied on the skin, usually as a form of temporary art, as is done in India, Pakistan, Arab countries, and by expatriate communities from these areas, it is called . (more…)

is a ceremony that sets the tone up for the wedding ceremony, and the traditional mehndi dresses adds color to the ceremony. The eye catching, unique and gorgeous dresses are an essential part of the ceremony, as the bride aspires to get dressed with traditional outfits that also get embellished by the addition of a voguish touch to it. (more…)

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is a ceremonial drawing found in India. 2011 Fashion classically reflects cultural norms and applied to brides before marriage ceremonies. Usually in India is hindu parmpara applied to a woman’s hands and feet. (more…)

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Seasonal Collection

The Henna paste is applied by way of the medium plastic cone as well as the paint brush. At occasions the metal-tipped jacquard bottle that’s utilized for silk painting is also utilized for the mehndi Collection. So that you can develop much more intense color you’ll be able to wrap the location had been is applied employing plastic, tissue and so on. (more…)

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