There can be no Indian wedding without the Mehndi. The bride‚Äôs hands are always decorated with the reddish orange hue of the mehndi. The traditional pattern involves a lot of delicate detailing with fine, thin lines for lacy and floral. This covers the entire hands, forearms and feet and can be a little time consuming. Traditional Mehndi patterns have seen an evolution of late. Henna is also known to have a cooling property when used on skin and can also be used on the hair to get a tinge of red. (more…)
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World To Design For Mehndi, Girls . Tatto Bridal Hands.Pakistani wedding couple can be use on wedding Bridal hand. As the good bridal Mehndi Design hand also the joyfull mood of the ceremony. (more…)
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As discussed earlier Henna tattoo is temporary and the color fades away in a month or so. However, it may happen that one wants to remove the tattoo before the complete fading due to some reasons. cannot be removed instantly, however, the color can be faded gradually. Some of the removal methods are given below. (more…)
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Mehndi henna art forms or in another region. Different models have different meanings in their cultures, such as health, fertility, wisdom, protection and spiritual enlightenment. (more…)

Basically, traditional henna tattoo design can be classified into African, Arabic and Indian. Other types include the Middle East style, which is inspired by the Arabic style. The Indonesian or Southeast Asian styles are a combination of Indian and Middle Eastern designs with blocks of color on the tips of fingers and toes. The North American style mainly deals with geometric floral patterns. Let’s look at the basic types. (more…)
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