Easy Mehndi Designs

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One of the most important accessories of South Asian customs, weddings, traditions and festivals is . These fragrant designs on a woman’s hands not only enhance the bridal look, but will also bring intrigue to the and guests of the wedding. (more…)

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is considered mandatory in a wedding; Indian and Pakistani wedding is generally known to be incomplete without . Best bridal patterns reflect the joy in the marriage ceremony and the same is carefully selected to grace the hands of the with her sisters and friends. (more…)
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designs for hands are very popular in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and and are getting quite popular in other parts of the world. is known as the art of applying hand designs on different places on the body for special occasions and events. (more…)
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You may have seen the rise in the popularity of designs over the years. is nothing but the extract of a plant which is used for cosmetic purposes. So it is also used to draw various easy mehndi designs or patterns on various body parts to enhance physical beauty. If you are looking for permanent body art, a regular tattoo may be the way to go. These mehndi designs stay for a couple of months and then they vanish. (more…)
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