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Fish Lehnga 2012

Indian Lehnga Choli especially Fish Lehnga 2012 is most famous due to its stylish cut style. This Fish Lehnga 2012 is also called Jalpari lehenga. The Fish Lehnga 2012 is decorated with costly embroideryBlouse/ Choli and Dupatta are also as well. (more…)

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Designer Lehenga

Lehenga is most useful and fashionable dress as Bridal wear in India,. Designer Lehenga Dresses includes, Lehenga, Blouse or Kurti and Dupatta. All the dress is decorated with beautiful and stylish motif, zari, These Lehenga dresses include Straight cut lehengas. (more…)

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Lehenga Design

Lehenga Designs are the very famous and most popular designs for the womens and also have lehenga designs are the best designs. The sober looks of the golden ocher lehenga choli reasons its success. The earthly shades used in the lehenga choli make it subtle yet fascinating. The A cut lehenga choli has beautiful floral motifs whose size is just perfect. The hemline is totally awesome with a border patch embroidered in reshams and sequins. The brocade patch only adds to the lehenga scintillating looks of the attire. The lehenga comes with a decorated choli and dupatta. (more…)

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Lehnga With Long Shirt

Lehenga With Long Shirt introduced in markets and got a very wonderful popularity in the womens mind and lehenga with long shirt saleing like a hot cake. Following this towards the inside we have red, green and pink strips of sequin works glittering near the feet of the lehenga. We also have a multicoloured patch amidst these. The body of the lehenga has thin red vertical pipings placed in regular intervals and sprinkled with stones and beads. The huge lehenga circular floral patterns steal the show though. The lehenga designs are patiently done with precision which makes the effect highly desirable. (more…)

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Lehnga Designs 2011

Lehenga Designs 2011 are launch in the mid of 2011 and become famous in all the lehenga industry and have a very good position in womens mind. A Punjabi bride would wear a lehenga, while the bride wore a sari and a nine-yard Maharashtrian Rajasthani bride lehangas to constantly wear. Ghagra Choli preferably is also known as lehanga Choli Choli and Chanii. A lehanga is along the skirt and is worn with long or short, which is sewn and fitted choli blouse. The lehanga is worn at the waist and leaves the spine and the diaphragm open. 2.5 meters of light transparent material georgette is used as a scarf or veil. lehenga Choli is usually tight fitted to give the look. (more…)

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